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After 8 weeks of writing this blog iv learned a lot about being healthy and its benefits ect, and it got me thinking about why there is an obesity problem in Ireland especially in Ireland. People can argue the point that there’s not a problem but the facts are out there and it is a serious genuine problem.

My own opinion is that the problem starts with the parents, lets face it kids will eat junk all day and play games consoles non-stop if their allowed.  When i was watching the late late toy show last week with my own children it hit home how society has changed with kids regarding how online gaming is taking over from the old fashioned ways such kicking a ball on the street with your friends.

To make a long story short nowadays kids are not getting the exercise that they need and i feel its up the adults to teach next generation so iv put up this link about kids health to try educate ourselves a little more. I hope you take the time to check out the site and get a few tips and try make a few changes. 


Week 7

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Week 7 and into the final few weeks in the build up for Christmas and everything is still going to plan. Had a good week but i wont say it was fantastic as i found myself totally bogged down with college work but somehow i still managed to get in three runs and i learned a good lesson also, when you feel you’ve got a valid excuse to take it handy, its more then likely not a valid excuse at all. This week just gone has probably been the most intense of my entire life. I was constantly meeting deadlines with projects and assignments and really felt the pressure of college life. It was the perfect excuse to avoid exercise but i genuinely felt taking it easy wasn’t an option. In fact it turned out to help with my studies as im finding exercise brilliant for dealing with stress. As the old saying goes ‘whats good for the body is good for the mind’ is very true.

To finish off this week i lost another 1lb on the scales. Last week i was disheartened after my weigh in but this week im over the moon. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go and and iv learned that every week cant be a good week.  Roll on next week.

Map My Run iPhone App

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download (1)I recently downloaded Map My Run app which is a real-time fitness tracking iphone app aimed at runners from novices to professional athletes. The app uses your smartphones GPS system to record every detail of your workout. It has loads of features built in such as an interactive map where you can follow your route and at the same time keep track of your speed, distance and even the calories you have burned. It even allows you to save new routes and pre-plan routes so your workouts never get boring and you are always in control. 

What i love about this app is that you can connect with friends via facebook and twitter and share your running times and distance ect. All in all this technology is fantastic and id definitely recommend anyone with a smartphone to download it.

Week 6

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Six weeks in and feeling great once again. If there’s any positives or lessons to be learned after being laid up sick for a week is don’t rush back thinking you can just start off where you left off especially with a new running program. I made that mistake and just felt it a lot harder then the week prior to being sick. In the end i ended up having to repeat the week two of the program but but i feel it will pay off to just to ease myself back. In other words its a classic case of one step back, two steps forward. Well at least that’s the plan.

Anyhow on to the running program itself. The first two weeks i took to the roads and although i found it easy i did feel uncomfortable as it was all new to me and in a way i just felt out of place. This week i went to the local park and found it more comfortable and a much better environment especially for beginners. As well as that i didn’t have to deal with stopping and starting because off traffic so all in all a better choice in my opinion and more enjoyable too.

Unlike last week where i didn’t have my weekly weigh in because i had i been sick i got back to my normal routine this week and took to the scales this morning. I’m down 0.5 lbs on my last weigh in two weeks ago. I’m really disappointed with that result as i worked really hard especially on the diet side of things. I had stuck to my healthy eating and with the exercise i was getting i was hoping for another steady 2-3 lbs loss so i’m feeling very disheartened. Looking at the bigger picture though i’m down 8 lbs in six weeks and overall that’s progress so i’m determined not to let one bad weigh in get to me. I’m actually going to use how i feel to drive me forward into next week so i’ll look forward to posting how i get on. 


Stay hydrated during exercise.

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Stay hydrated during exercise.

Here’s a link to good website to explains really well the importance of staying hydrated during exercise.

Week 5

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Another week in and what a turnaround its been from last week which i felt was my best so far. To put it mildly this week has been a complete and utter disaster so there’s not much to report on but here’s the rundown of how it went.

Monday was fine and i went about my business as usual, eating healthy and got stuck into my new running program. Then on Tuesday i was lacking energy all day and felt generally unwell so i had a lazy evening watching TV after i got home from college.  My plan was to have an early night and get back on track the following day but it wasn’t to be as i spent the next two days in bed sick and the rest of the week has been a write off as i had to catch up on college work. On the upside i was frustrated that i could’nt get out for a run or get to the gym which can only mean one thing, that im enjoying it and its becoming a way of life.

For the last few weeks iv always finished by reporting on my weekly weigh in but this week i feel its pointless after being sick as it would’nt be accurate.  Roll on tomorrow and i’ll start fresh again and here’s to a new week.   

Six important stretching techniques.

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Obviously and as we’re all aware stretching is vital before and after any form of exercise. What we’re not all aware of though is how to stretch properly so i’m adding this link of a video i found online. Its well worth watching and it shows us six important stretching techniques.